221G Blue slip, no documents asked,returned passport and retained only client letter in chennai

Hi - My husband recently went to india for visa stamping. His visa transfer petition got approved through consular processing.

He was eligible for dropbox, he submitted the docs and then received blue slip asking for only client letter and w2.

Day before yesterday he appeared for interview with documents. Consulate officer kept the client letter and no other documents have been asked and returned the passport.

Any idea, is there something to worry about? Or how many days if might take since they have not asked for any documents but since they have returned the passport, is that a bad sign?

Hi @ach1502

Returning the passport is not such a bad sign but yes, an indication that it may take 6 to 8+ weeks to get approval.

Visa officer will verify the client and work location before your H1B visa can be approved.

Usually, we have seen that once the verification email has been replied by client, US embassy processes H1B approval within 3-10 days.

So, the first thing to do it keep an eye on any communication sent by US embassy to client manager or HR for verification.

Thanks Anil. Let’s hope for the best.
In addition to that, my husband’s current employer is going to file another petition, so do you think since the visa with the new employer is under admin processing , it might impact the decision on the current employer petition. Also, what if current employer petition gets approved, can he go for stamping with already an existing visa 221g case, what usually happens in such situation?

And my next question would be, though it is unlikely to happen, but what if his 221g status gets an denial decision? Can he reapply a new petition?

You can keep applying for new petitions and then visa stamps as many times as you want. Just keep paying the fees and USCIS will have no issues.

Form 221g on visa should not affect the petition decision.

Just to update, my husband has received one email within 2 and half week to submit the passport for stamping. Seems like 221g processing is moving fast now a days.

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