221g case status

I came to india for my H1-B stamping and I have received 221(g) blue slip from NewDelhi consulate to provide some additional documents

I work on EVC model

A) client letter, contracts, MSA between vendor and client.
B) itinerary of services, with project details, budget, employees at location etc
C) Petitioner’s Tax Returns
D) List of Petitioners employees

I have provided all requested documents and received automated email but my case status hasn’t changed yet, it shows as INVALID CASE ID with case number provide on 221g somehow i feel there was typo while counselor wrote my case ID in the form, my case ID was just 11 digits.

I tried using application number but it is still same status as refused with same visa stamping date, is there a way to cross check case id with embassy?? Any guess on the timelines for consulate to respond on my case and what are chances of approval.

Thank You

Form 221g verification may take 7-60 days based on the documents that have been requested for your case.

There is no fixed timeline.


Is there a way to cross check case ID by calling ustraveldocs ? I feel my case number written by counselor is incorrect even on the example field on CEAC it has 14 digits case number.

Hello Anil

I have received response for case number issue, if counselor writes 11 digits on the slip we have to add three zeros prior to last digit in order to track the case.

Thank You

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