221g status changed from refused to ready

My husband had an interview on March 25th 2021 in Guatemala. We received a yellow 221g notice. Same day we turned in all necessary docs with passport (as it was asked on the notice) we have been refused until April 26 where the status changed to ready. It has been on ready since and my husband has been out there for 2 months now. Does anyone know how much longer this will take?

Have you received any email to collect the passport?

We sent in his passport the same day of his interview along with the required document (police record). On the 221g notice it said “ send required documents along with your passport to the nearest Dropbox” they received it on March 29.

They will send you the email to pick up the passport.

Usually, ready means that it is ready to pick. You should call the local agency to check if its ready for pick up.

I have a question:

I contacted the embassy and all they responded with…“ your case has already been escalated and in the process of being reviewed we will contact you as soon as we receive a response” could this be a good sign?

There is no good or bad sign. It only means that they are working on your case actively.

Thank you for responding! we have been on administrative processing for 48 days (business days) and it seems like a very long time. Hopefully this waiting will soon be over.

Sorry to ask, is it normal to have our visa case status stuck on “ready” for almost 3 months? Also, what status typically follows after “ready”?

“ready” usually means that passport is ready for pick up.

In your case, it seems to be changed by mistake.

The normal status on CEAC website is ‘Issued’ once visa has been approved.

I have a question hello how are you
I’m from the Dominican Republic I have my interview on October 25/2021
Counsul say visa was approved after two weeks of waiting I check my account and was refused
I contact the embassy they send me a 212(a)(9)
My lawyer say that was a mistake so I send my papers on December 27 do you get to know how long that will take I been waiting sense October here is been so long this is my first time I came after 30 year so everything is new here for me I have my family back in usa :us: don’t know what to do anymore
Thanks :pray: