221g white slip after dropbox, interview, reinterview for h1b - client details

Hi Anil,
I am on h1b for past 5 years and this is my 3rd time attending visa interview @ hyd consulate.

Actually i had a Dropbox option but later I got email to come for interview and got 221g white slip on July 3: vo asked regarding client and my employer details.

They took my client letter, h1b petition and gave white slip with 2nd box ticked and returned my passport to me; after 1 week my client got an email regarding verification of my employment to which client replied with all details.

Again on July 25 got email for reinterview on July 26. surprisingly same visa officer who interviewed me first time interviewed again with similar questions, this time the vo took my lca and passport and again gave the 221g white slip with 2nd box ticked.

It’s been 2 weeks I haven’t heard anything yet nor the status was updated.

This is frustrating to wait but any idea how long I have to wait for my visa approval and passport.
Thanks in advance

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I can understand your situation. As per my estimate, you can expect a response in 7-30 working days if VO has kept your passport this time after re-interview.

My passports with me only. Ap created is july11

Hi @gsunildutt

If US embassy has returned your passport, then the waiting time could be anywhere between 30 days to 8+ weeks.

How they will update site. They will do random checks or date wise?

Sir, they are not ask any documents that day and still they are not ask any docs but still ap only. How they will check ap.


Hi @gsunildutt

They will do background checking on their own even if they have not asked for any documents.

H1 got approved and issued the stamped passport on july29 only.still why they waiting?

Hi @gsunildutt

I don’t understand what you are saying. Earlier, you said your H1B has got form 221g and now you are saying that passport is stamped.

Please clearly tell us about your current situation to help you in a better way.

Sir me and my kids are h4,my wife is h1 before her we got the interview the vo said come with my wife on july25th we can do together but they are not allowed inside only my wife went she got her visa approved. My wife asked about h4 then they are asking h4 passports but she is not carry my passports then they said we are going to send u mail drop the passport. My wife got passport with stamped visa on july 29th.

Hi @gsunildutt

Are you and @SNA same person or different?

If you are same, then why are you posting with different IDs?

You are confusing me with different user IDs here.

Was the first post on this page made by you? The first post says that your H1B got form 221g.

No sir,
my name is Edward.

h4 (me and kids) got 221g because h1 (wife) not stamped that time after me 25th july she attended the interview got visa and issued passport within 3 days.

My wife working as a teacher last 15 years in South Carolina my daughters start studying from there only elementary to until now. I am only h4 I never work any company.please help me. Older one this year going USC first year computer science.


Hi @gsunildutt

Have you got the email to submit passport?

I don’t think there should be any issue in issuing H4 if H1B is approved.

Hi Anil, I got an email from consulate today to come for re-interview. This is 2nd re-interview, any idea and have you heard of anyone had the same case.

Thank you


Many people get call for second interview. Do not worry. It is okay to have second interview. You will get approval.

@Anil.Gupta I already had my second interview, this is the call for 3rd interview… I added previous interview details in my initial post.
As all the documents are already submitted, I am not sure what to expect this time. Please provide if you have any insight into what to expect and also if you know anyone who had similar experience.


It is difficult to guess what all details US embassy is looking for. Third interview is un-common and it seems like they are not able to judge if you are saying the truth as per your answers in the interview.

@Anil.Gupta Thanks for prompt response. I was truthful about my answers in the interview.


Its good that you were truth full. I am not sure what has triggered multiple interviews though.

Don’t worry, you will get the visa. Don’t be tensed.

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