221g White slip for court documents

Hi @anil_am22

I had my h1b interview on April 5th 2021. And received 221g white slip to submit the court documents which are related to my arrest in 2015 for unwilling claiming lottery ticket. After 3months the case closed with no charges. But in my ds-160, I filled “No” for any arrest question. Asked the same question during the interview, first i said “No” as i filled in ds-160. Second question, she asked particularly with city and state. Then I said “Yes”. She handed over my passport and 221g stating for court documents.

I have submitted the court documents after 2weeks of the interview. And received second 221g white stating, Application refused for administrative processing, application will reconsider once the processing complete, and will need to be attend for interview in-person.

Currently my case status is “refused” for administrative processing.

I would like to know the chances of approval, how long it will take for this kind of cases and any further actions that I need to take?

Please do help me to understand my situation with these odds.


White slip denotes the need for further processing wherein it is handed over to the USCIS and the decision is finally taken based on the information gained from the USCIS.

Once you have provided the requested documents, the only thing you can do is wait for Consulate’s response. Keep an eye on your email box.

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Thanks for the response @Kalpesh_Dalwadi. It’s been almost 3months that i have submitted the documents. No status change since then. And when I enquired about the status, got response saying “still under review”.

I would like to know the chances of approval with arrest and closed case.

This totally depends on the VO. You must fill out forms like DS160 with true and correct information. If there is a question about arrest and if you had one, you must answer Yes. Later if the VO asks, you can give more information like the arrest didn’t result in any charges etc.

If the VO feels you tried hiding such information he/she has the discretion to deny.

I didn’t tried to hide the information about arrest. But as the closed with no charges. Thought no need to ref about it (as it’s happened 6 years back).

Has the chances of approval less (as AP taking more time and I filled ds-160 wrong). Can I apply for VISA again by filling ds-160 with all the details correctly even current 221g process still under review?

I am in the same state. Are you able to get the visa approved?