221g white slip

Hi @anil_am22

Here is my current situation

H1b visa approved till sep 2022. Working under EVc model. Lost the job in october end. Got new job in cA under evvc model. Didnt submit lca with new location and working remotely. Went to india on urgency for dropbox in chennai 221g has been given and attached the same. They are asking for project description and letter showing vacancy.

What should i submit docs or should i wait for call. My current lca is different and client is different. Currently working remotely for ca client and visa had florida client letter. So which document should i submit and will you guide me hiw to solve this issue.should i wait for call or should i submit old client letter. Will they inquire as currently not working with florida client. Please help me here

Hi @anil_am22 / team

Please respond to this query.

You have written nothing about what has been requested in the form 221g.

Also, you have mentioned that you have attached the document but there is none!

Hi @anil_am22
I did mention that They are asking for project description and letter showing vacancy

Hi @anil_am22

Any update on this query. Please guide me

Hi @anil_am22 / Team

Can anyone respond to myquestion

HI Srikanth, I was asked to submit the exact same documents but via email.
I hope you attended the interview and received your visa.
Would you please share a sample of the docs you submitted ?