261312 - Chances of invite with 75 points (189) and 80 points (190)

Hi Anil, how are you?

I have submitted my EOI on April 2019 for the first time with 65 points for 189 and 70 points for 190.

However, I claimed additional 5 points for my spouse on August 2019. Later on November 2019, after the new point system change, I claimed additional 5 points for my spouse with favorable skill assessment.

Now my latest score is 75 for 189 and 80 for 190.

Could you please suggest, if I can hope to get a invitation with this score?

Also as I have updated the claim points, will it affect my Date of Effect and my position in the queue even if I had a original submission date of April 2019?

Did I loose my position in the queue? Your suggestion is highly appreciated. Thanks.

The date of effect is shown on first page of your Skillselect. You can check yourself if it has changed.

The DOE does change if your points change.

The chances of invite for Developer programmer are low with 75 points at this time. There may be a wait of about 5-6 months given the current trend.

Thanks Anil for a quick response. Just need clarification about the DOE. Will the change of DOE affect my position in the queue as already 7 months passed from my original DOE? Thanks for your time.

Offcourse, DOE will change your position in queue.

Hi Anil,
good afternoon!!
I have completed all process for PTE and ACS. ACS is done in 261312 code.
I have couple of questions on filing EOI:

  1. I have added degree details only for education. Degree starts in July, so i randomly put 1 July as there is no definite start date for college. last date , i have put as on degree date published. is it fine.
  2. Employment detail, i have entered exactly mentioned on my ACS. end date for previous employment, i have mentioned as last day as per doc.
  3. I have files EOI on 11/11/2019 with 75 points for 189.what are chances?
  4. I have filed EOI on 26/11/2019 with (75+5) points for Victoria 190. Do we have realistic chance for invite.
  5. I have also created EOIs for 491 category for different regions like South Australia , Queensland Australia Capital Territory with 90 Points. what are chances for this visa.

Thank you

Hi @anjy

Dates are fine.

Chances of invite are fair for your case. The next draw in Dec will set the new trend after Nov system changes.

I feel that it might get a bit tougher to get invite with 75 points.

Yeah, Thank you Anil. I can improve my PTE score to make 75 to 85.
do you have any idea what all regions are open for offshore and 491, did any receive invite for 491 visa, you may know.


Hi @anjy

I do not know about 491 dates at this time.

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Hi Anil,

I submitted my EOI on Jul 7th, 2019 with 70 points (65+5) for state nomination 190 NSW and VIC.
It was updated to 75 points in Jan, 2020 with increase of 5 points as per my experience.

What is the expectation time for getting an invite ? Any suggestion please

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @chaitanyap

Chances of invite are low with 75 points. I suggest to increase points to at-least 85 to any realistic chance in near future.

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