261312 - Chances of invite with 90 points (189) and 95 points(190)

Hi Anil,

I submitted my EOI last November with 85 points for 189 for Developer programmer-261312. This month, I got 5 extra points for experience making it 90 points for 189 and 95 for 190. I could see that there are no invitations drawn from past few months for developer programmer. Do you have any idea when the Australian government will probably start sending invitations for this code and if I can get invitation before my EOI expires? Kindly reply.

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To be honest, nobody can give you a time frame of receiving an invite in this Covid Pandemic; not even a MARA Agent. For 189, it might still be a bit difficult to receive an invite since DHA has been sending out monthly invites for some targeted occupations only leading to increased number of applicants waiting for an invite at 90/95 points since a long time.

For 190, you do stand a high chance of receiving an invite but the picture will become much more clearer after 6th Oct,2020 when gvt will announce the FY migration quota and hopefully the state will/might start inviting offshore people. The rules/criteria might change for diff states so keep an eye on their official websites post 6 Oct .
Wish you luck!


Hello Hema,
I think you’ve good chance with the next big invitation round ; but not sure how long you need to wait for this. As per immitracker, applicants with 90 points are invited for the same code till March first. After that, no major invitation rounds happened and we don’t know how many applicants are with 90/95+. You’ve 90 points for 189 and the job code 261312/261313 are added in the priority codes (17) shared by DHA recently. All the best !


Your are correct that the 261312/13 codes are added to the Priority Codes but that PMOL list is just for Employer sponsored Temporary+Permanent Visas and have no effect on 189/190 visas.


Hi Pooja,

Thanks for the clarification; got confused :slight_smile: