261313 - Chances of invite for 189 based on the latest status

Hi Anil, Team,

I have submitted EOI for 189 Skilled independent visa. for 261313 on April 24th 2019. Total points for me is 75. Please can you let me know the chances of invite. I did go through your previous responses but wanted to double-check after reading your analysis on lower quota for 189 invites. Please let me know.

Thank you

You can expect an invite in either July or August 2019 draw for 261313.

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HI Anil, sorry to bother again. I was looking at some other posts and it seems for “EOI submitted with 75 points - 261313 Software Engineer”
you mentioned invite can be expected in May 2019. She submitted on April 10 and my submission was on April 24th. Any reason why my invite will be delayed until Jul/Aug 2019.

The estimate changes with each draw and i answered your question based on April 2019 draw results.

What about 190nsw with 80points doe April 10 jobcode 261313 with pte 10points.when can I expect the invitation

Chances are low for NSW invite with English score low at 10 points.

NSW usually invites people with highest score in English.

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Hi Anil, sorry for bugging again . I was just checking the immi site and noticed that 189 invite count for april is 100 only and that too minimum points 80. Does that mean i wont get an invite? Also is the invite count going to increase or reduce further.

Invite count should increase in July 2019.

Please can let me know the significance of minimum score of 80 in the site. Just wondering if 80 is the new limit.

80 is the point limit that was invited in April 2019 draw.

There is a draw date mentioned on top of the column which shows how many points were needed to get an invite in last draw.

Hi Anil,
After July,How much would be the no of invitations per month till October. what was ur assumption.
Last year remaining quota will be carry forward to these fiscal year?

I can see in 2017_2018 they issued only 15000 invitations for 189 visa.
Can I predict invitations would be in the same manner.

Hi @seetha_adhrit
A new quota will be implemented in July 2019 and 189 invites will be reduced by 42%.

Hi, Please tell me the chance of getting invite for Australia PR with 75 points in skillset software engineer 261313 in current scenario. I am trying to get 75 points (Scheduled exam on august 2019) by max English score. My skill assessment is already done. Please let me know approx how much time will take to get invitation with 75 points (without state sponsorship ).

Thank you in anticipation.

Hi @Priti123
Chance of invite for 261313 with 75 points if you file EOI in August 2019 will be in December 2019.

More will be known once we have the new trend starting July 2019.

Hi Anil,

I just submitted EOI for 189 under 261313 Software Engineer. I was not working since 2017 April I could only claim 10 points for exp and a total of 70 points. I have applied for NSW 190 as well. Realistically what are my chances for getting an ITA for both categories?

I answered it yesterday here:

My analysis of effect of new lower quota for 189 invites:

Hi Anil,

I submitted EOI for 189 & 190 under 261313 on 21-03-2019. I have claimed 70 pts for 189 and 75 pts for NSW and Victoria. What is my chances of getting invite in both the cases?

I answered it yesterday here:

My analysis of effect of new lower quota for 189 invites:

Hello Anil,

I received positive ACS last week. I have 65 points if I apply for 189 and 70 points if apply for 190. Can you please answer below questions:

  1. I hope chances of invite are less for 189. So should I apply for 190?
  2. If yes, which state sponsorship should I apply for? I have heard that applying for other than NSW is not very fruitful for software professionals. Is that true?
  3. Is it like if I apply for 190, I wont be able to apply for 189 or I can be in queue for 189 also with 65 points?
  4. What is the Skilled - Nominated (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)? How is it different from 190?

Thanks so much!