261313 PR Grant processing time experience

Sharing the 261313 PR grant as shared by a user directly to me ( name kept anonymous as requested)

I had my application approved a few weeks ago as well and have still been following up the forum posts to see if I can help answer any questions.
Anyways I wanted to share my timeline in case it helps people get an idea of how long some applications take. so here goes. Please don’t share my username/name. Thanks

Job Code: 261313 (Software engineer)

Points: 75 pts
Age: 25 pts
Education: 15 pts
IELTS: 20 pts
Employment: 15 pts

Skills assessment : Submitted on Oct 12th 2018 : Approved on Nov 11th 2018
EOI Lodge: Submitted on Nov 21st 2018 : EOI Invitation on Dec 10th 2018
Visa Lodge: January 11th 2019
CO Contact: March 31st 2019
(Reason: Police clearance and medical checkups).
FBI/PCC and medical submitted on April 14th 2019

Grant Date: 15th May 2019
Arrive by : 15th April 2020

Days after Skills assessment initiated : 225
Days after EOI application : 185
Days after application lodged : 124
Days after CO Contact: 45

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What a wonderful stat. thanks for the same

Hi All,

Finally happily sharing my PR story below with complete details, so that everyone will come to know how much time each one needs to spent from the start of the process until receiving the grant!

Please see it below
Process Start date - April 25th 2018 ( Paid the agent fees, started collecting the documents etc)
ACS skill assessment lodge date - 9th August 2018 - 106 days
ACS outcome - 3rd October 2018 - 161 days
EOI initial Lodge - 31st October 2018 - 189 days
revised EOI lodge - February 22nd 2019 - 303 days
Invitation for pickup - March 14th 2019 - 323 days
Visa filing with documentation - April 22nd 2019 - 362 days
Visa Grant (Direct) - October 16th 2019 - 539 days

Actual process date ( 9th August 2018)
Acs initiation 0 days
Acs Outcome 55 days
Intial EOI 83 days
revised EOI 197 days
Receiving Invitation 217 days
Visa Filing 256 days
Visa Grant 433 days

Number of days after meeting the eligibility ( February 22nd As the reference date)

Eoi Lodge 0 days
Visa Invitation 20 days
Visa Filing 59 days
Visa Grant 236 days


Congratulations @Ranjith_Krishnan

Congratulations Ranjith, 189 or 190.?

Thanks, @Anil.Gupta, You are doing a fantastic service. Please keep it up

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@kvisred 190 mate for NSW

Congrats Ranjith! Some hope for 190 at last :slight_smile:

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Hi Anil,
I see in this site “https://myimmitracker.com/en/au/trackers/sc189-visa-tracker-2019-2020” that many people of ANZSCO code 261313 “Software Engineer” got the invite in feb 2020 even though they submitted their application in Oct 2019 or Aug 2019. Please let me know your viewpoint on this. I have submitted application in july 2019 but still waiting. I guess now PR processing time is decreased.
I see this message in the immi account.

Even though it tells that i don’t need to do anything, but i want to be assured that i have provided all the detail. Therefore, please let me know if i have to take any action on this.

Thank you in advance.

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