40 years old US visitor visa lost


I am applying for my parents bi/b2 visa. My father has travelled to US back in 1983. He had his
Visa stamped back then. But now that passport is not available (lost). What should I mention/select under - “Please mention if the person has ever got any US Visa prior”.

Please suggest.

Thanks & Regards
Dipto Mukherjee

You should mention yes, and then provide the reason that passport was lost.
If you have a copy of the FIR for post passport, that would be of great help to prove your claim.

Thank you Anil. The problem is that if I mention yes, then I have to provide the Visa issue date, date of entry etc, which my father also don’t remember now, as he travelled in 1983. What should I add in the DS 160 form then?