491 Pre-email invite from Northern Territory

Hi Team,

I have recently received an email kind of pre invite for 491 from Northern Territory. My ANZO is 263111. But I saw only very limited jobs in Darwin and Darwin seems to be the only place where they got any jobs. I understood one has to stay for 3 years there to get a PR, but can some one please shed some light if we accept this pre-invite later whether we can go for some other invites because my points are going to increase in another 2 months for my experience.

I am not willing to accept this pre-invite since Darwin has very less jobs and I am worried, but does 90 points for 190 guarantee an chance for PR? Or is it better and wise to choose 491 from such a isolated Territory. I wish to wait and see a better pre-invite or invite.Is that realistic??Please tell me. Thanks.

There is no guarantee.

You have to decide if you want to wait for other invites or take this one.

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