491 visa sponsorship for 261313 software engineer

Hi Anil,

I am applying for 491 with a 261313 job code. For 491 first cousin sponsorship…can you please help me what is the process and what are all documents needed. My cousin is a citizen and willing to sponsor me.

Hi @sunee_chow

Check the 491 visa requirements here.

I have read through the immigration site multiple times but I do not see anywhere the definition of ‘designated regional area of Australia’. It is only on sites of immigration agents/non-government sites that they have mentioned the ‘designated regional area of Australia’ means any place other than Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane’.
Has anyone found any authentic government source to support this please.

Well seconds after I posted this I found a list :slight_smile:


Have you checked about the job opportunities for IT in regional areas?

Hi All,

I wanted to know whether ANZSCO Codes 261313 and 261312 are allowed or not under visa subclass 491 for regional western australia’s skilled occupation list (WASOL).


Hi Anil,

I have 80 points for 261313 (Software Engineer) as of now, I’ll loose 10 points after 31 may 2020 due to age.
What are the chances of me getting invite for 189 and 190(vic) visa category( I done EOI in the end of November 2019) ?
Also, can I apply in parallel for 491 visa and what are the chances in this category for me?

Thanks a lot…

Hi Anil,

Can you please provide your input on my query?

For 491, I could not find any state either, am i missing something? @Anil.Gupta

Hi @microhit

If you are not able to find 261313 under 491, then it probably isn’t available.

Most software engineer jobs are in Sydney or Melbourne. So, target either 189 or 190 visa there.

80 points have low chance as per current trend of points and invites.

Hi Anil,

As of now, For IT occupation there is no 491 state Sponsorship for offshore people even with NSW. Each state is having a different criteria like “employment offer or residency in Australia” and nobody is welcome to IT professional for 491 visa. Will it change in future or no hope for IT with 491 state Sponsorship visa…!!! My occupation is “Computer network and system engineer” and below is my own findings…




Are you sure about this criteria for Victoria?

What are the possibilities for Software Engineers with 491 State Sponsorship Visa ?
is it good choice to take ?