75 pts in189 & 80 pts in 190 - software engineer in 2019


I submitted my EOI for software engineer profession in January 2019 with 65pts in 189 & 70pts in 190.

Today I have updated my EOI with 75 pts in 189 & 80 pts in 190.

Please let me know how long will it take to get the invite, as I will complete the age bracket and will loose 10 pts in September 1st week.

Are there any chances to get the invite before that?

The chances are very good for an invite with 75 points for software engineer.

As per my estimate, you should get 189 invite in April 2019 draw.

Start collecting the Australian PR invitation documents.


I haven’t received invite yet. Just want to check if the round has already done? If yes, What are the chances in next round?

I have not heard anybody getting an invite yet on various forums and groups that i am part of.

I am not sure if the draw really happened or not either.

Will share news once i get to hear anything.

Hi , I read somewhere in one of the site that round has already been completed and this time they have sent invite to only those who have 85 pts and counts are very less as they have already sent sufficient invites in last 9 months. Is it true?

Yes, i have also been informed by couple of people who received invite with 80 points. So, the draw did happen and it seems only a very limited number of people have got an invite.

Is there any chance for 75 pts (189) in next round for software engineer? Also let me how much time will it take for 80 pts in (190)? I m approaching towards next age bracket and will loose 10 points in September, so shall I proceed with 190 if I get invited or shall I wait for 189 invite? Please suggest.

AT this time of the year, the 75 points usually have a waiting time of 3-4 months as we are reaching the end of Australia fiscal year.

The new quota will open in July 2019 and that’s when all the backlog is expected to be cleared.

What about 190, will it also take 3-4 months?

190 does not have any specific time frame.

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Hi I updated my eoi last 1st week of June. Lodge my EOI since Oct 2017. Already got 80pts now but still have 't got any invitation. I am a Registered Nurse as well. When will i be able to receive an EOI?