7th year extension on H1B

Hello Ajay,
I recently received my PERM approval, and my H1B max-out date is in 5 months. My I-140 has not been filed yet. My question is whether I will be eligible for a 7th-year extension based on my approved PERM and the yet-to-be-filed I-140. I am asking this because my employer seems to be trying to retain me by delaying the I-140 filing by opting for regular processing if he gets 7th year extension.

Please share your thoughts on this.


H1B extension PERM after 6 year is allowed in 1 year batch if PERM is pending for 365+ days including PERM audit days. PERM has no premium processing.

Thank for your reply Ajay. My question is what if PERM is already approved and I140 is pending for less than 1 year. Do I still eligible for 7th year extension?