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Congratulations is this your perm approval

Congrats… Is this your PERM approval

Congratulations, is this PERM or PWD approval?

Bismit, could you confirm Is this for your perm certification?

He changed the date , something is fishy

Yes. But we cannot just rely on non-official site. My employer yet to get the confirmation.

if your employer didnt confirm, where did you saw your approval? @bxpratap

I am still waiting for my employer. They said they can only rely when USCIS will send them the info. There is no such official URL to get the correct info.

It is not approved until you get confirmation from your employer (after employer receive it from DOL). pls change you status to pending until you get confirmation

Hi, can you confirm is this PERM approval?

This is not certified. Its funny he is updating the approval date daily.

Please stop updating this incorrectly, everyday. you’re messing the algorithm.

what date I am updating on a daily basis.

You have been updating your approval date since a month now. Could you please update only after receiving confirmation from your employer

you know better what you are doing, you approval has been changing on different dates every month.

I never changed my date and I know my filling date and that remains constant. I used to change as of now date.

Hi @bxpratap

Is your PERM case approved?

If it is not approved, then you should select the status as ‘PENDING’.

is your employer confirmed that your PERM approved?