-A--01/28/2023-PENDING User Comments PERMTracker


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Hello , can you please confirm if it’s PWD or PERM?

Congratulations Madhav…is this your PERM approval or Prevailing wage?

Surprising to get PERM approved so fast. Haven’t seen any August approved so far

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I’m sure it’s PWD. But the good thing is that the backlog is shrinking.

Not sure how this works. In trackit shows 0 approval from june-sept

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Soon this will get deleted too

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PERM or PWD backlog? Happy either way

Is the backlog shrinking? that is good news.

The case number used here is a PERM case number. The format of PWD case number is different… I think this could be a PERM approval hopefully.

lot of fake and scammer are posting fake status… June 2022 cases are not approved yet. this is definitely PWD as one of my friends PWD got approved which was filed on 9/1.