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@Mir5a1 - is this the PERM approval ? your PERM was filed on July 30th and got approved today ? Please confirm… just asking so that I get clarity.

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Hello. Yes I just got approved. But my friend filed on June 29th and still waiting.


Great! Okay, thank you for confirming!

@Mir5a1 : Hi Mira. can you please double confirm that this is Your Perm Approval only … and not PWD approval .

Reason i am asking is. for PWD and Perm … DOL is processing June cases as per their website and Am22 website.

So many people in the last couple of days have posted wrong dates in this website which actually causing the estimation dates for many of us wrong. So please help us clarify with an example of your case.

@Mir5a1 Yours is a J1 visa, is it ?

Yes PERM. I got PWD in April 2019

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Did your friend got approval