A-23100-77664-02/01/2023-PENDING- Questi

@Kumaran1 A-23100-77664-02/01/2023-PENDING-

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@Kumaran1 A-22322-60481 02/03/2023 PENDING. When I verified in the PERM Case Status Check, getting a message You should have received your case approval by now. Ask your employer to raise a service request with DOL to check on status. Is this message legitimate?.

Our team is in the process of updating estimation algorithm.

We are seeing some issues in the meantime.

This one seems to be an issue and we have taken note of it.

Thanks for sharing.

We will share once all the known issues are resolved.

Thank you for your quick response.

When I check for my case, I dont see the estimated time yet, still fixing in progress?

Kumaran KS

I am seeing Jan 2023 PERM has approved. Could you confirm is it legit?

Kumaran KS