A Visa fraud committed by my husband

I am writing this to seek help about an injustice I am facing from my husband and his family from India.

I and my husband reside in San Jose California, United States. But during our trip to India, my husband has stolen my passport, US visa, and all my documents and is absconding since July.

I have come to know that he has traveled back to the USA without informing me and a divorce case has been filed in India without his presence.

I am currently staying with my parents. I have made repeated attempts to contact him and his family but haven’t gotten any response.

I am seeking help from the law and police to retrieve my documents and belongings back as I am in dire need of my documents so that I can continue with my life and career.

I am feeling helpless and stranded. I need help in retrieving my documents, belongings back. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Filing FIR with police is the right way to do it.

I have filed an FIR but no use

:sob::sob: I understand your problem…you first FIR to police if police not your help then case on your in laws such like dowry case…beaten case … Threat to killing you etc then it hope so its work…

I have filed a dowry case, They were torturing me for money and he is absconding with gold, silver and all my documents. I reported this to the embassy, requested through a lawyer, filed an FIR… His uncle is an MLA so they are using that power.

Ohh. Don’t worry power wastes then case apply and good decision for request to embassy