A weird technical isssue - No reschedule, cancel or logout buttons for visa appointment site

I am on h1-b and it expires Aug 2023. A few months ago I went through DS-160 and was trying to schedule without any available dates for a while but got sept 2023 and just booked it just in case I need it. After I got the appointment confirmation the left nav containing reschedule, cancel or logout buttons disappeared. I have tried all possible browser and OS without avail. I also messed around the inspector on the browser to see if an element was hidden, no luck. see image Screenshot 2023 02 17 at 10 49 31 AM — Postimages

I contacted support-india@ustraveldocs.com, they asked me to try again but had the same result. They told me to proceed with existing appointment - WTH that’s not an answer. Its kinda risky since by the time my renewal will be in process and I can’t leave US while that’s happening. I only got canned response about clicking the reschedule button but I can’t SEE the button

Their phone +1 703 520 2239 is useless since it always tells me I have called outside the hours(8:00 to midnight) even when I call within the hours

I am curious if anyone has had a similar situation and/or how can i get to a human to look at my case?

I am considering just saying goodbye to the existing profile and going through a new ds-160 - will this be an issue or hit another blocker?

Thank you!