AC 21 Rule for Extending beyond six years

Hi- My 6 Year H1 B Max out date is currently on 10/10/2023 and I have two months of extension remaining if I reclaimed my Vacation days, which will put my max out time around 12/17/2023. My company have filed my PERM on Dec 15 2022 which is now 365 days before my six year max out, in this case can i leverage AC 21 rule, to get one Year extension, instead of 12/17/2023? Please clarify.

H1B Extension PERM Pending, Audit after 6 years - USA H1B Extension PERM Pending, Audit after 6 years - USA

Anil - Thanks for the help. I really appreciate your time.
I read the article and still have the below questions, I will fall into the H1B recapture category in the article since my PERM is in progress and I140 is not approved. In that Case, Should I wait until December 15, 2023, to file for the 7th Year Extension? because that is when I complete 365+ days after filing the PERM. Or Can I file for 7th Year Extension as my PERM was filed a year before the I94 expiry as soon as possible to recapture the remaining days? PERM filed was on 11/15/22, I94 expiry with recaptured vacation days (12/17/2023). Can you pls clarify? Thanks in advance.