Accidently added 2 H-1Bs(husband and mine) on same ustraveldocs profile and scheduled appointment!

My spouse and me are both on H-1B. Separate H-1Bs with different petitioners, validity dates etc. When we scheduled appointment for dropbox stamping, we logged in to my spouse profile and added his details and then added my name in the family details section. Also in my separate profile, my petition details have been added and my spouse was added as family. The appointment was scheduled from my husband profile. 2 applicants in the same time slot.

Recently both our h-1bs got renewed and we both got new i797s. So we both created new DS160s and then called CGI/UsTravelDocs to change the petition number tagged to the drop box schedule.

When we called, we found out that my husband has been marked as primary and me as dependent. So my petition number and petitioner name is same as his. We were able to update his petition details but they said they cannot update mine. They said 2 H-1Bs cannot be on the same profile and a different profile is needed for me. We have to cancel our appointment and I have to remove my name from his profile and create a separate profile and schedule appointment separately it seems. If I do that now our current appointment will be canceled. There is no way to get another appointment this year atleast. What should I do? Can I still go to the dropbox appointment with my husband? Can I get H-1B visa stamped since my DS160 states H-1B. Or will they consider me as dependent and then stamp H4 visa for me or something? Please help!

If your details are as dependent then they will most likey stamp your as H4. It advisable to create two seperate profiles. Once you are dne with profile, try calling the US consulate and check if they can cancel you from his dependent and assign the same time slot for you as well (most likey they won’t , but worth a try).

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I already have a separate profile of my own. I will try calling them again to see whether I can get to talk to a different person who can help better. Thanks!

Were you able to get this issue resolved? I am hving same issue as i have added my spouse who is on H1 into my profile and booked single appointment

I have also added my wife (who is on separate h1) along with 2 kids and booked the drop box appointment. I was thinking that both H1s can be in a single profile and there wont be any problem as we are going to have 2 separate DS-160 forms. When we go to drop the documents, they just see 4 applicants and process for each applicant based on ds-160 form. I am yet to travel to India and drop the documents.

please let me know what happened to your case.

Hi I saw your post about having 2 H1 applicants in same profile for Dropbox… May I know what happened to your appointment? Hope there were no issues and they collected docs for both H1 applicants …. Plz let me know

Hi ,

Your inputs are really needed for my case as well.

Me and my husband is on diff H1 and diff employers, in same cgi profile.

Husband as primary and myself has family member. Booked drop box appt combined.


  1. When you submitted the drop box documents was there any issue raised because of 1 h1 on same cgi profile?
  2. I also may have to update my new i797 details. Is it possible as I am tagged as dependent?
  3. Both of you got H1 stamped right, as I see dependents may get H4 stamped.

All these are really causing worries, having high demand on the slots , cancelling the existing appointment is really bothering.

Your inputs will be helpful to decide on next steps.

We did not have any issues when we went for the dropbox appointment. No questions were asked about profiles or anything. We took separate print outs of our scheduled interview but were able to go together to the same counter and everything went smooth and we got our visa stamped!

Hi, Glad to hear that you didn’t face any issues. We are in the same boat as well, husband and spouse with different H1bs but scheduled a single family appointment for dropbox.

May I know which dropbox location did you drop your documents too?

Our consulate location was Hyderabad. But initially we had planned to do drop box at Kochi. But we were really anxious about this situation that we finally went to the Hyderabad drop box location.

Hi @Narayanan_Sankaran Did you face any issues? I am in the same boat and received a response from USTravel docs to book another appointment. that would mean cancelling the current appointment and booking two appointments.

Hi @Kkrthiga_Logan - Did you face any issues? I am in same boat and is advised to cancel appointment and rebook.

@nvrsprasad - Any inputs will be really helpful. Please let know I am in the same boat

While collecting documents I was asked it was H1 for my wife also and they collected her 797 copy and employment verification letter. Everything went smooth and we both got H1 stamped

@Immihelp12 hi, how did it go for you? we are also in the same boat and ustraveldocs support is saying to cancel current one and book a new one.

I am also in the same boat and took the chance, two seperate H1B and one H4 in one appointment at Hyderabad location on July 11, 2023. They have accepted the application but make sure to inform them at the beginning of the process about two H1B’s otherwise they need to redo the whole process. All are processed and issued the visa and returned on July 19. Good luck guys.

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