Accuracy of information about EAD MSC

Where is the " Current EAD Processing Time" actually coming from? It claims to be the most recent cases approved, but the numbers never match, and the dates just jumped backward nearly 2 months. If this site is not gathering real data, you are causing us tremendous harm by leading people to wait for something that may never come.

Thanks in advance for a detailed answer of whether the most recent case data, which I’ve been tracking daily as it advances at MSC 2 days for every day that passes, is at all useful.


It seems like, at least for i765s, the cases processing with a green card and not a green card had different SR dates. Now for some reason they seem to be lumped together. Is the national benefits center not processing them separately anymore?

My wife and my case was received in mid November and now the SR is in September.

Hi @GamblingMyChildren
Our service tries to match the case status with USCIS website.

When users report cases as ‘approved’, we show them on our site.

But, when USCIS updates their official dates (they do it every month), our service tries to verify all those user reported cases with USCIS data too.

If the cases reported by users as ‘approved’ do not match the case status with official USCIS, our service marks them as bad records and stops showing them as ‘approved’.

Our service can run only couple of times in 2 months as its not allowed to connect with USCIS website every day.

Does that help answer the question?

We are continuosly working to improve the service to collect and show as much good information as it can.
Thanks for your understanding.

Hi @Stat1006
There is no official announcement of whether National Benefits center has stopped or not.

I appreciate that you may be trying to provide something useful to people in our situations.

However, if every case reported for the past four weeks was bogus, then your site is really just heaping more harm on all us all. Either your data system is totally flawed, or it is intentionally abused by sort of anti-immigrant data terrorist.

Across America, families are trying to decide whether to gamble their last savings to on a Las Vegas-style gamble about whether they will or they won’t get employment authorization before they go broke. If your site paints a rosy picture with patently false data, then you help us all to bring disaster upon ourselves and our children.

I am particularly accusative of your data practices given that many people have asked why the numbers of those “most recent cases” never match the real case numbers users post. I think you owe us all a much better explanation of what is going on.


Hi @GamblingMyChildren

I understand your concern but the problem is that this data is crowd sourced and you have to understand the problems associated with it.

USCIS officially does not allow or share this data publicly. The numbers are collected from various forums and hence are prone to mistakes by users who shared them.

I would appreciate if you can restrain yourself in speaking big words like you have used in your message.

We are trying our best to give a reasonable estimation of what all cases are being found to have been approved free of cost to all.

Have you shared your own case data on our page? If yes, then it is good that you are contributing.
If not, then that’s the problem that people do not want to share or when they share, they just try to hide more than what they reveal.

Our service is new and is developed by volunteers. Its free and we are trying to improve it.

USCIS changes its own data every month or so and we do not have any control over it. USCIS own website does not show the correct data most of the time and hence, it is difficult to validate it with 100% confidence.

With all these limitations, our service is trying to use artificial intelligence to find a good estimated date too.

Thanks for your understanding.