Acknowledgement after sending missing documents

I sent missing documents for my application which are showing delivered a week ago on December 7. I still have not received an acknowledgement nor the status has been updated in tracking. My documents were sent to the DC VFS center. Can people post their experiences on this.

Hi , I also had my application on hold. I would suggest you call their helpline or send an email. If that doesn’t help, then reach out to your embassy/consulate.

Is there a specific email/ phone for the consulate?

Sent several emails and no response to any- i sent an email to the dc consulate and awaiting a reply. Their phone number is not taking any messages since voicemail is full…

If VFS has not responded then reaching out to consulate is right. Mine is SFO - they helped me out; yours is DC , so look up on dc website and find their contact for passport queries

Email them- VFS is moving very slowly- just have to be patient.

Thank you- I appreciate your help. Iam ok to be patient if they provide some acknowledgement and then ask us to wait. This is causing stress to our entire household, specifically my 70 year old mom who is worried that her passport is lost.

I totally understand- I was also so stressed out. My application reached SFO consulate just on Friday

Check dc embassy website - contact us link. Under Consular Wing , there is email for passport related matters. . At the bottom of the page, there is social media contacts given , twitter(passport) seems to be getting attention to queries.

Thank you- yes, i sent an email to that address just last night. However, the phone number is unreachable/ or voice mailbox is full. Let’s see if they respond to my email.

Hi Mpullam, I have also sent a missing document to DC office, received on 12/1. No acknowledgements whatsoever. And the status shows on hold. I guess we just need to wait

Thanks for letting me know. Ironically, this is encouraging. Please update if you hear anything- I plan to do the same.

2 weeks is a long time . You should send a follow up email to vfs.

mine moved to embassy today.

Strange thing happened were I got a very odd message yesterday evening from VFS helpline email. It stated:

We want to remind and request you to kindly complete your application for a Passport by sending the following missing documents mentioned in this email within 2 – 3 days.

If you have already fulfilled the below requirement then, please ignore this email.
*1) In tatkaal categey you can not edit. you add your spouse name in application form. please fill new application without spouse name or you can fill another application in normal categery.Online Passport Application Form *
We recommend and urge you to send your pending documents using your own pre-paid label to the VFS India Consular application Centre where you had initially sent your application in the next 2 to 3 days to avoid the return of the unprocessed application.

And then today morning I got an official notification from the VFS tracking website

Dear Applicant,
Your Application has been ‘Processed’ at the ICAC and ‘In Transit’ to the Embassy for decision making.
As soon as ICAC receives an update, the status on the ‘Track and Trace’ page will be revised accordingly. To ‘Track and Trace’ please visit: and use your tracking ID to get the updated status of your application.
Please note this is an auto - generated email. Kindly do not reply to this email.

These guys are a joke. I would not waste time on call /phone /email with them. Will only waste time and effort. Let the process run through

Thanks for the update Vineeth. Mine reached them a week after yours, so hoping i will hear something soon as well.

Seems like mine moved to embassy today from the VFS update. Timeline wise, I am 2 days short of a month since my application was sent to them. Fingers crossed…