Acknowledgment vs Jurat: type of Notary accepted?

I have a question on the type of notary needed for renewing the passport. While getting my documents notarized by a private individual, she said she will do the Acknowledgment type of notary and not the Jurat.
Both have a notary stamp and signature, just the words in the stamp are different: Acknowledgment stamp has words like “acknowledge”. Jurat stamp has words like “sworn by me”, “oath”. (More details: The difference between an Acknowledgment vs Jurat - La Jolla Mobile Notary)

I know UPS offers the Jurat type and I have seen many people here get the Jurat type too, so I am wondering if my Acknowledgment notary will get rejected. I am in California if that helps.

Looking for some advice, thank you in advance!

both will work . in acknowledgement ,notary just acknowledge he your identity and verifies your signaturee. in jurat, you just swear in front of notary. . the notary just verifies your signatures not the content in your affidavit. For the contents in affidavit , only u are responsible