ACS account locked by consulting agent - can't login

my ACS skill assessment was filled two years ago by my consultant in india. I got the assessment from ACS also. I didn’t know the login details to that.

Now the skill assessment has expired, i want to get my ACS skill assessment done again.

This time i want to do it on my own. I have terminated the contract with my old consultancy.

During filling the ACS form online, i have to enter my passport number. After which i unable to go further because it says that this account is already in our system.

So i have to login first with the consultancy login credentials i guess. But the consultancy agency is not ready to give the login credentials.

How to go ahead in this case?

Hi @sandy47rao
You have to contact ACS customer support to remove agent login from your account as was done by another user:

Once they remove agent, you will be able to create a new application yourself.

Thanks. How long will it take for ACS to remove agent login from account? And do i need to approach the previous agent again for anything? Like his signatures?

Hi Sandesh,

It is very simple process. You have to download the agent authorization form from here

Print it
Fill your name, DOB
Fill the “section B”…(do not fill section A)
Send it to ACS ( along with your passport copy
After 1 day, you will get reply from them with password reset link.
After that you will be able to login to ACS

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Hi Avdhesh,

I downloaded the form which has field for Authorised agent signature.

So do i need signature from my previous agent ?

Hi Sandesh,

As I mentioned, you don’t have to fill section A. Leave it blank.

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Thanks Avdhesh for the info. The EOI was also filled by the agent. Is there a different procedure for it?

It should be the same,but I did not remove my agent for EOI till now, so don’t have personal experience for this. But ideally it should be the same

Thanks Avdhesh for the info

Hi ,

did u fill the Skill Assessment application ID ?
that should be your first assessment id. not sure if this should be filled !

Hi Sandesh,

Mark email to assessment authority for same. They could help you in same.
Email ID :



Thanks. I was able to access my account by sending mail to ACS and filling the Agent-Authorisation-Form.


Great, no start further steps.

This is the second time I’m doing skill assessment. Earlier skill assessment was done by my agent and now I’m doing it my myself. The earlier assessment was not done using my email id. So, can I register as a new user and submit my assessment?

Hi @arya_panicker

Please read above discussion.

Hi Sandesh,
I’m also facing the same situation now and after emailing ACS, they have advised to send the agent authorisation form and continue with the reassessment after they provide me with the reassessment steps. Do I have to fill in the earlier skill assessment application ID?

Please help.


I did not fill the skill application id.

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