ACS Assesment - Company Dissolved (Doesn't Exists) - How to get Employment Reference Letter?

Hi there,

I am preparing document for ACS assessment. I have got 8 years of experience from current employer (8 years completed in May end) and have got 2.5 years of experience from previous two employers. However previous two companies doesn’t exist anymore. I got redundancies in both of them and I cannot get any reference letters from any of those two companies. However I have got bank statements to show that I have received pays.

Is it ok if I get a co-worker letters from those two companies (who are currently working for other employers)? Or do I have to get them notarised?

I am trying to get points for all 8 years. Else I will loose two years in assessment.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Many Thanks.

I suggest to get co-worker letter and get it notarized.

Many thanks Anil. Much appreciated. Will get letter from both my managers. But I wonder if will be able to notarise them. I am in UK now. One of my previous manager is in Spain and other in different part of the UK. Hope things works out positively!.

Anyways thanks for your suggestion.

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Hi @Anil.Gupta

Here is the update from my side as I have received my assessment result. I thought it would be helpful in this forum for someone in similar scenario.

My scenario: (An applicant from the UK)

  1. I had exact 8 years of experience from my recent employer. Then I left the job and I was on my career break for family reason (when I applied for assessment).
  2. I had 16 months of experience with previous employer A and 20 months with an employer before that (let’s name them B).
  3. I has all required documents, bank statements from my recent employer (with 8 years experience)
  4. I could manage to find few bank statements for the pay received from employer A & B. (But no payslips). Also I has P60 (UK version of end of the year taxation statement from Govt)
  5. However company A & B both doesn’t exist (as they both dissolved).

So document I have submitted for above point 5 were:
a. Reference Letter from previous managers. - Contacted my line manages (using LinkedIn) and requested them to write my reference letter. They both were happy to write, print, sign, scan and send letter to me in PDF format.
b. Notary Document - I went to notary to create a legal document signed by me, mentioning that to the best of my knowledge, these companies dissolved and I have manged to get these letters from my managers.

And the outcome was positive. As I wanted all 8 years of experience to be counted. ACS considered 8 years as relevant experience. And experience from other two companies as not professional experience. So I have got max expected points (for my 8 years of experience)

So I think, they (ACS) do understand the situation and probably help us out the best way they can (from personal experience). After submission they never called or requested any further documents. I have received assessment result exactly after 1 month.

Hope this helps someone. Thank you all for sharing your experience and information in this forum.

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Hi Kashh,

I have a similar case as yours.

May I know how you informed ACS that your company was already dissolved? Is it indicated in the statutory declaration by your former coworker?