ACS assessment - Work experience letter

Hi, I really need your expert advices on work experience letters.

I have total 14 years of IT experience where as 10 years is from one company and 4 years is from 2 different companies.

4 years is from duration 2007 to 2011. I have experience letters in PDF format with old dates and mentioned title and duration only. Can i submit those letters to ACS or 10 years experience is more than enough here?. does it impact my score if I dont produce remaining 4 years work experience letters ?.

I suggest to go through this article which explains how ACS will calculate your work experience.

Thank you Anil for prompt reply. I have B.Tech and M.Tech. So as per the link you provided B.Tech comes under ICT Major and 2 years deduction. Do they consider my M.Tech as in other degrees?.