ACS - Calculation of work experience with Masters while employed


I am confused on how ACS will calculate my total ICT work experience based on below details:

4 Years Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering -> Aug 2003 - Aug 2007
1 Year Masters Degree in Software Engineering -> August 2009 - July 2010

Employment 1 -> November 2007 - August 2014 (leave without pay for the Masters duration)
Employment 2 -> August 2014 - Present

Total work experience stands at around 11 years 4 months minus 1 year for Masters. I am aware that ACS will deduct the Masters duration from work experience considering it is concurrent with my employment. However, I confused with the following:

  1. I have around 1 year and 8 months of full time work experience between my Bachelors and Masters degree. Will this be considered?

  2. How will ACS calculate my work experience? - Deduction of 2 years from last 10 years or deduction of 4 years from total?

Thank you in advance.

The time between your bachelor and masters can be counted towards the 2 years ACS suitability requirement.

The 2 or 4 year deduction will depend on what gives you more relevant experience. ACS will choose it themselves to give you more benefit.

Thank you for your response.

I am trying to find out if I am able to cross the 8 years mark or not.

  • In case my 1 year 8 months experience right after my bachelors degree (partially falls outside of last 10 year bracket) is considered, does this mean ACS will only deduct 1year (for masters) and 4 months (remaining months to complete 2 years) from the rest of my work experience? If this is correct it would leave me with 8+ years of work experience.

  • The rule states 2 years will be deducted from the last 10 years, if I go by this, I loose 3 years from my last 10 years since my 1 year masters fall within this duration which leaves me with 7 years of work experience.

It depends on how may weeks of total relevant work experience ACS finds.

Your gaps between jobs will also be deducted.

I cannot guess simply with the data that you have shared as to what ACS will do.

Hi @Anil.Gupta

I’m Software Engineer, below are my Education and Work experience detail.

B.Tech, IT > Jun 2006 to May 2010 (ICT Major)
MBA, Technology Management (Distance Mode) > Jan 2012 to Feb 2014

Company A - May 2010 to Feb 2013
Company B - 03 Mar 2013 to 07 Apr 2016
Company C - 12 Apr 2016 to Till date

Education qualification Query:

  • Will this qualification be considered for Post Graduate assessment?
  • If Yes, would the same be considered as “Special education Qualification” in visa points calculation here?

Work Experience Query:


  • My Company A was a Start-up which is shut down now due to the financial crisis
  • I have few Payslips, Relieving Letter and Experience Certificate with me as proof. I don’t have either Govt income tax proof, insurance details or Bank Statement
  • Would ACS consider this experience as valid?
  • If Not, there is a gap in my career between May 2010 to Mar 2013 ( My 2nd company joining date ) will it impact my assessment result?
  • Do you think its better not to show that Company A experience at all?


  • Another Query on “Skill level requirement met date” guidelines how would ACS calculate my work experience?
  • I have completed my Master’s Degree (distance mode) by Feb 2014 , but join date of my 2nd company is Mar 2013
  • How would ACS will assess my total years of work experience till today? Is it from Feb 2014 to till date or Mar 2013 to till date?
  • As my friends suggested, is it better to exclude my Master’s only?

Please suggest.

In general total how many years of experience they can possibly consider from my Carrier? Any help here is highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

Hi @karthick_j

I cannot do the calculation for you. You have to add it up yourself.

It is better to not show masters as the part time work might not be counted.

Your education does not count under ‘special education’.

Thank you for the clarification in my Master’s degree.

How about my “Company A” experience? If I’m not showing Company A experience will I still fall under the 5 - 8 Years experience category?

i.e. After my Bachelor’s degree completion in May 2010, my 2nd Company B experience starts from 03 Mar 2013. So, the gap is almost 2 years and 10 months.

So, my actual work experience will be calculated from Mar 2013 to Till Date (7 Years).

Now after 2 years standard deduction for ICT Major will they deduct this gap of 2 yrs and 10 Months also? Please suggest which option I will be falls under from below calculation.

Option 1: 7(Total Work exp) - 2(Std. deduction) - 2.10 (Gap deduction) = 2.9 years only?? :grimacing:
Option 2: 7(Total Work exp) - 2(Std. deduction) = 5 years?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @karthick_j

ACS will not count any gaps, and will deduct 2 years too.

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