ACS came negative - RPL is insufficient to demonstrate depth & breadth of knowledge

Hi I got my ACS result today. It came negative. I have 20+ years of IT experience across 9 companies.
They have considered 13 years in the breakup but then in the letter they have mentioned

Your ICT skills have been assessed as unsuitable for migraton under ANZSCO Code 261112 (Systems
The detail supplied in the ACS Project Report for the RPL applicaton is insufficient to demonstrate the
depth and breadth of knowledge consistent with formal teritary studies in ICT.

What is reason for rejection. Should I apply for review


Hi @isbganesh

Why did you submit RPL? Don’t you have the roles and responsibilities letter from employer?

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the reply.

I was told by a local migration agent to submit RPL.
What should I do now?


And yes I have letters from all my employers. Also I can provide their emails if needed.

Ask the agent for next steps.

I can’t really suggest anything as i don’t know your case details.