ACS Code 263111 not demand any thing

Today I received ACS assessment after 10 weeks, the reason incomplete/lack of/insufficient documents for my study and experience, they did not ask or demand me if some thing is missing. I did upload every thing salary slips, tax returns, employment letter etc. Back 2009 my assessment had been verified/assessed with experience and education which was expired. What I should do now? Go to an appeal? I am very disappointed.

If you don’t understand the reason for the denial, then you should email them or appeal.

I want to put my case in Review. Plz assist me I started my career since 2004 to 2022. I have lost my 1st job salary slip and bank statement. I have only employment letter the tenure is 2004 to 2004. I think that bank is closed and merge another and also that my employment company is also closed. Since 2006 to now I have every thing. What I should now in review case if they demand bank statement or salary slip in review case. Plz guide.