ACS documents preparation issue

Hi All,

I am preparing documents to submit my ACS. I have following open questions. In total, i have worked for 3 companies.

Company 1:

  1. Employment Reference Letter ( have only company stamp, but does not have HR Manager signature)
  2. Salary Slips ( Does not mention Date of Joining, Does not mention my Bank Account Number and has only company stamp )
  3. Bank Statements ( First year unable to generate bank statements, Second Year - the bank statements mentions “Incoming Local Transfer” and Next 3 years mentions only “Payroll Deposit” and after 5 years Bank Matured and started mentioning Company name in the bank statements , Generated these statements by going to bank, BLACK AND WHITE and does not have any Bank Stamp ) ( So how to prove those 5 years of employment )
  4. Experience Letter ( It is an old document, so it includes only Stamp but no signature from HR Manager )

Company 2:

  1. Employment Reference Letter ( Does not mention email address )
  2. Salary Slips ( Does not mention joining date, does not mention bank account number, no signature, ONLY STAMP )
  3. Bank Statements (Mentions company name - NO ISSUES, Generated Online)
  4. Experience Letter ( Stamp and Signature - NO ISSUES)

Company 3 (Currently Working):

  1. Employment Reference Letter (Only signature, NO STAMP)
  2. Salary Slips (No Signature, No Stamp, Mentions Bank Account Number)
  3. Bank Statements (Mentions company name in arabic, Generated Online)

Can anyone guide me, if these documents will be accepted by ACS ?

It will be helpful, if you mention for each company.

Note that, all the documents are on their company letter heads.

@anil_am22 any guidance on the above.