ACS Exp Letter - End Date

Kindly help with my ACS question,

I field for ACS last year Sep 2021. For the ‘current employer’ I put an end date as Sep 9 2021. It was assessed positively.

Now in Aug 2022 I filed for another reassessment to get some points for 2012 work experience which I got positive.

The thing is when I filed in Aug 2022, for the ‘current employer’ I couldn’t change the end date and left as Sep 9 2021. The latest letter shows current employer end date as Sep 2021. Does this mean my experience from Oct 2021 to date is not/will not be taken into consideration?

There was no new assessment required if you are working for same employer since your last positive assessment.

Most probably, ACS will count the current end date given on employer’s skill letter. So, I don’t think there is any need to worry.

Thanks for the reply, Anil.

The new assessment was not for my current employer.

Company A - 2011 to 2014
Company B 2015
Company C 2016 to 2017
Company D 2018 till date (current employer).

First assessment - company A was negative as I just provided 5 lines as roles and responsibilities. So I did this second one providing 15 lines and results came back positive.

In both assessment the Company D end date is stated as Sep 9 2021. So I can use the latest letter to include my exp till date 2022 ?