ACS explanation of why duty letter not issued by employer - will Employer email work?

Hi Anil,

I am applying for the re-assessment. According to new ACS guidelines, for Statutory Declarations, it is required to provide an explanation to why an employment reference letter cannot be obtained. I have email response from HR that they cannot provide duty letter. Can I submit this email pdf copy as an evidence/reference ? Will this be enough ?

If yes, does this (email) also required notary ? My last assessment was positive and there was no need to provide any explanation.

Also, there is additional requirement for providing 2 evidences of payment. For the salary evidence, will last 6 months bank statements will be enough along with the last 3 pay slips ? And do we need to do notary on the bank statement as well ?

Hi Anil,

Waiting for your response :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Avdhesh,

Since when is the new guideline applicable, could you please provide a reference. Also, is it applicable to current employment or previous employment as well.

Hi Alzi,

Sure, here is the point I was asking about ? I am not sure if it was there in previous guideline.

Also, they have a new requirement for providing more than 1 payment evidence. I worked with 4 organization and have everything from current and last 2 organizations.

But for 1st company, I have only last 3 pay slips and that company is closed. There is no contact I can made to get any other document (e.g. form 16 etc) now.

Will they accept this (just pay slips) in the re-assessment, considering that my past assessment was positive?

Well, looks like people have been successful in getting the SD’s accessed, without the reason being stated on them. I am no expert, just speaking from what I have seen a few known people who got it.