ACS "Forms of Identity"

Hello @anil_am22
I’m in the process of re-applying for another ACS assessment. The previous one was finalised in 2019 and I need to update it.

I’ve been going through the new changes in the assessment process and need some clarification on how many documents are to be uploaded in the Personal Details section - Passport/Other identification/CV *

Will this just be the usual passport data page or more?
The information on page 13 of the Skills Assessment Guidelines For Applicants kind of hints at providing 3 documents.

"Please note we require 3 forms of identity documents -

  1. Passport – Applicant details page only, not full passport. Ensure that the
    name used in your application matches the name on your passport and
  2. Two (2) additional government issued identity documents from the country
    of birth or country of current residence, with at least one which bears the
    applicant’s photograph
  3. Resume/Curriculum Vitae – upload in your personal documents section
  4. Evidence of change of name (if applicable)"

Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I really need to be sure before moving forward.
Your usual help is appreciated.

It should be three different types of ID documents.

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Thanks for the response.