ACS re-assessment (2nd time) Negative

Hi Anil,

Could I request you to please provide your valuable suggestion for ACS re-assessment. My husband has applied ACS re-assessment since his first assessment is going to be expire on 21st Jan 2020.

He has applied the assessment on last month, today we have got an assessment letter which was mentioned not suitable for the 262113 position (its been chosen based on his roles) and previous experience letters were not assessed (mentioned as not asses-able due to insufficient documents).

Could you please suggest what’s been missed. we were wondering that last time it was positive based on our documents and still the documents are available on ACS website.

We had sent out an email to ACS support team to provide a clarification why the previous experiences were not assessed, when the documents are available on website.


Hi @ramyajai66

It is difficult to suggest anything without looking at the details of the your application.

I am not sure if this is an error on ACS site but an exact same issue was reported by another person yesterday.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for your reference, yeah i saw that thread. i have attached the acs assessment letter for the reference. I had sent out an email to acs support team for further clarification, still awaiting for the reply.