ACS Review - Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Detail

Dear Anil,
First of all thanks for your invaluable support , i have received positive assessment for ICT Work experience.
For some of my experience in the result ACS mentioned “Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Detail”. This is due to letter format was not inline with ACS requirement and role and responsibilities are also not mentioned.Due to which my total experience count fell below 8 years.

My question is for experience where they have referred as “Not Assessable Due to Insufficient Detail” , if i provide sworn affidavit form seniors and colleague and submit for review , what are my chances of positive assessment.
pls share your view from your rich - vast experience.

Many Thanks

Hi Anil,
The seniors and colleague from i can get the letter (sworn affidavit ) are not working in same company anymore.

will that be helpful?
pls guide.


Many people submit the co-worker letter and do get positive assessment.

The letter should have all the details and co-worker’s Employment letter to prove that they worked in same. Company. They should have joined before you and left the company after you.

Thanks Anil,
I will get document arranged and submit for review.