ACS Skill assessment and Education Background

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I have a question regarding the ACS assessment for my work experience in the IT field. I received my IT Diploma in 2014 and the course takes around 9 months(800 hours) I started working in the IT industry in 2015 with an IT support engineer position. As of now, I have a total of 8 years of experience in the IT support field. Additionally, I pursued my BSC in IT through distance education from 2020 to 2023 while continuing to work.
I’m wondering how many years of work experience ACS would consider for my assessment. I was worried ACS will detect the Previous 2015 to 2023 experience. If they detect I thought I will apply only with IT Diploma for skill assessment but a Diploma is only 9 months of study time, and it was not matched with ACS criteria. There has any chance to submit a skill assessment for ACS with an IT support engineer? I thought there has no chance to submit a Skill Assessment, I try with RPL way. Please advice me how can I chance for my issue. Thanks you.

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ACS work experience ‘After month’ date means the day in same month can be used as start date in Australia EOI, not the next month. 2 or 4 yrs deducted. ACS Work Experience 2, 4 or 6 year Deduction Calculation - Australia

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Thanks for your answer, So I can submit with my following educational background, and ACS can give me a positive result? Some other guys said ACS has not accepted distance education and ACS will not count my 2015–2023 experience. Thank,