ACS Skill Assessment Expiring During visa processing

Hi everyone,

I have a weird problem and can’t seem to find a solution. I have recently done my PTE and now I sit at 95 points for 189 and 100 points for 190.

I have 3 years and 11 months Australian experience, and 2 years few months overseas.

My ACS assessment expires on 22nd jan 2021, around in 4 months, with my current points i most probably will get invitation by october i.e next month.

My questions

  1. I will be able to lodge the visa but my ACS will expire in jan so will I have to reassess?

My Major problem

My current ACS recognition has overseas experience deducted which is great but recently they have changed rules and are asking for a lot of documents, and since I am living in Australia from 4 years, i do not have all of those documents and I am afraid that in reassessment, they will not recognise my overseas experience again even though it was recognised before, which throughs me in difficult situation.

as i am not lying but if they do not accept overseas experience in reassessment, i will lose 5 points as that will be deducted from Australian experience but my visa at that time would be processing on different criteria. Should I be worried? Should I apply for reassessment, by other questions on this blog it seems to me that my skill assessment only has to be valid by the time I lodge the visa and if it expires after 2 months of already paying fees and all other visa requirements it might be okay? I am very confused, any help would be highly appreciated.

I am worried and unable to understand what to do.


Your points and everything is freezed on the day you receive an invite and to show the genuineness of those points, you need to file visa with supporting documents. Post lodgement/During lodgement if your Skill assessment expires, it will not be any problem as long as you have a valid +ve skill assessment on the day you receive your invitation. It is the same with English Test (PTE/OET/IELTS).

Getting a visa grant can take weeks/months/years so you dont have to worry if it expires post receiving an invitation. The CO wont ask you to redo it. PCC/Medicals are the only things which SOME CO asks applicants to redo in case it expires during visa processing.

Thanku so much for your reply. Does make sense, not much worried about PTE as have just done it so I have 2-3 years for that. Sounds good :slight_smile: lets wait for invite then aye!

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thanku so much for your reply. Just one more question. At the time of assessment of my degree my overall experience was around 4 years, and 2 years were deducted, so in that document it does say experience after 2016 feb can be claimed.

my question is since i am claiming 3 years of work experience after that and i have all the documents of paying tax, invoices etc. but that last 1 year is not specifically mentioned in that assessment as it is 1.5 year old assesment. do i somehow need to asses that experience or it is fine i can directly submit them document as it is continuation of same job at same place.