ACS skill assessment for 17 plus years work experience


I have about 17 years of work experience. I worked for roughly two years in my first company, and I’ve been with the second company for about fifteen years (and still working).

So here are my questions:

  1. For my first company, I don’t have bank statement / IT returns to show as payment proof.
    All I have is only the last 3 months of payslips (payment was issued by cash).
    Furthermore, this company is closed and it is no longer operational. So I can’t even get employer’s or any of my supervisors’ signatures on the roles and responsibilities.

Is it acceptable to only mention my second company’s work experience (i.e. 15+ years) ?
I have payment proofs for all of the years from my second company. .

Also, will there be any questions on why I have a gap of 2 years if I don’t show my first company’s work experience?

  1. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering (electronics) and I did Master of Science (this is a work integrated learning programme) while working in my second company.

Is it okay to show the master’s degree in addition to the bachelor’s degree? If I mention MS also, would the ACS lower some work experience since MS is done while working, and will this have any negative impact?

Please advise whether I should only show Bacherlor’s of Engineering or both (i.e. Bacherlor’s of Engineering and Master of Science)