ACS skill assessment - proof of payments


I’m preparing my document for ACS skill assessment. And I understand that it’s required to have at least 2 type of documents as stated below.

For my case
type #1 bank statements - I able to collect my bank statement correctly as per requirement.
type #2 group insurance - the coverage period in my insurance document did not cover from the date I join the company. for example:

My work period were from 01 Jan 2018 to 31 Dec 2018.
However my insurance document cover from 01 June 2018 to 30 May 2019.

the company processed the insurance only after 6 months I join the team.

Is insurance document acceptable?

Thanks in advance :pray:

This will cause you problems I feel… You should email their migrations email address…

What about your salary slips? I used salary slips and bank statements…works fine

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Thanks for your respond,

I have decided not include that experience in the list of experience for assessemnt.

For the record, the problem is that I don’t have pay slip form of payment.
So now I ended up with only one form of payment, which is bank statement.
So base on your experience, one form of payment goes straight to not being assessed, is that correct?

Thanks :pray:

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yes . .it has to be 2 forms of payment or you can stuff like get an affidavit from your employer…you will need to talk to a lawyer and asking them about this.

your employer should agree for to sign this though

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Hi @podandtv , Thanks for your help and suggestion!