ACS Skill Assessment queries - 3 yrs work experience

Hi everyone,

I have got some inquiries for skill assessment and claiming work experience points on EoI. Looking forward for any suggestions.

My scenario:
I am working as Software Developer (ANZSCO 261313) for almost 3 yrs now for the same company. I completed my skill assessment on 2020 after completing 1yr experience and got a positive skill assessment at that time. I am still working at the same organisation and working more or less same hours of work as before. But, recently I got my student visa. However, due to the government rule of unlimited work rights for student visa holder, I didn’t change my work hours and still working 40 hours a week.

I am slightly concerned if that might affect the ACS Skill Assessment? Any suggestion on that would be great.

Other question is, do I need to have positive skill assessment from ACS to claim 3yrs work experience? Or can I just claim 3 yrs based on the 1yr experience and additional payslips and bank statement to claim 10 points on EoI?

Thank you for reading through and looking forward for if or any suggestions.

Thank you all.