ACS skill assessment - work experience related

I am planning to file ACS skill assessment in coming days. With ACS deducting 2 yrs from work experience, I will have 4.5 yrs skilled relevant experience left. However, I will be completing my 5 yrs total skilled worker experience in Dec 2022 which will give me another 5 points. Should I file skill assessment now or wait for another 6 months to get that extra 5 points? Do I need to file another skill assessment to get that 5 points in just span of 6 months?
Also, is birth certificate required while filing assessment or just passport would work?

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really helpful document. cleared many doubts🙏🏻
thanks Anil

one quick question though: so there is no need to resubmit the acs skill assessment here just to claim extra 6 months of experience, right?

Will DOHA ask for payment evidence later for that 6 months?

thanks in advance