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I received the ACS skill assessment results for the application which i submitted based on work experience. I had submitted my ACS application with 2 different companies work experience . Now ACS assessment has given approval only for the current work experience which is 9 yrs and the 2nd work experience ( 3yrs) is not counted saying insufficient documentation.

So can i get additional 5 points for this if it submit it as part of EOI ? i don’t want to do the reassessment for my 2nd work experience which is not approved.

Please advise.

You can claim points for only the portion of work experience that ACS has assessed as ‘relevant’.

Hi Anil,

Thanks for the reply. The

With this is can i get 5 points based on the no. of years shown here?

Please let me know.

Yes, you will be getting 5 points for the exp counted after 05 aug 2017 till 07/2021 (around 4 years)
You can mark this exp as “relevant to nominated occupation” in your EOI.

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