ACS Skills assessment little to no work experience?

I’ll get my masters in IT in western australia once things get better, but I want to know if I have a chance for a path at PR with it. Once I study I’d have 2 years of professional experience as a Technical Consultant but job description is under ICT Systems Analyst in the skilled list, and 8 months of Internship experience as a back-end software dev.
I have a bachelors specializing in software engineering, I’ll be majoring in Software Engineering as well during my masters, and I want to pursue and nominate software engineering after I graduate. I’m also planning on doing a professional year which ACS counts as 1 year from what I’ve read.

  1. Is the sustainability requirement where they subtract a number of years to your work experience only for getting points?

  2. In the Summary of Criteria, the requirement of 2 years relevant ICT work experience
    completed in the last 10 years, does this already have the 2 years for sustainability requirement subtracted? (Meaning do I need to have 4 years of experience to have a chance of getting a positive result from this?)