ACS Skills assessment service letter


I want to apply for ACS assessment. Currently I am working for a leading university in Singapore, as of today have completed 3 years. However, the HR said company do not issue custom service letters instead I can self generate a service letter from the HR portal which says I am a current employee at NUS, states my salary and current position. The letter is an auto generated one (not signed by anyone), the letter head in black and white and does not include my job description. I am really in doubt whether ACS will reject this. I have 3 previous employment which I have the service letter in format with all payment evidences. But I will not be able to score 10 points without claiming for my current employment. Any idea how to go through this? Really Appreciate.


Hello Anki, You can statuary declaration or witness signature and get assessment on that.

Have a look on ACS documentation where it says: " If you left the company/or company doesnt have any official letterhead/ or bankruptcy
you will get your answer.


Hi Sayani,

Thanks for the reply. I read the section on SD, actually I am going to ask my manager for this. I am not sure whether she will agree for this. Do I need to take my manager to the lawyer to sign the SD? Any experience on this?

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Witness not necessary needs to present infront of someone. But he/she should be working with you. As sometime they investigate too