Adding Alien number while renewing EAD with concurrent filing

I am concurrent filing EAD along with the H1/H4 extension. The I-539 form(duly filled by employer), an A# has been entered(first extension after I-140). Should I be adding that to I-765 form as well to maintain uniformity? Not adding the A# in I-765 form will post a problem since I am applying together.

Whose’s A number is it?

H1b or H4? You have to enter H4’s A number on form I-765.

Its H1b’s A number(from I-140 approval). H4 doesn’t have an A number, atleast that’s what I know? Where do I find H4’s A number?
Also is it mandatory to enter A number for every EAD renewals?

H4 and H4 EAD are H4’s application and you should not use H1B’s A number on those forms.

So on EAD renewal form, page 2 Q 8, would it be ok to leave it blank?

You have no other option than to leave it blank if there was no alien number assigned to that person ever.

I want to make sure I understood right, Anil.

H4 EAD renewal means, H4 holder possess EAD card (with 9 digit number aka A-number), which means question number 8 on EAD form cannot be left blank? Correct?

If she has an alien number, then use it. What is the confusion here?

Good that you asked.
As mentioned, I am concurrently filing H1/H4 and EAD. My employer filled up I-539, while I filled up the EAD form. On I-539 form, H1b’s A number is entered and on EAD I have entered the number from EAD card.
Would there be a problem if the adjudicating officer see two different A number’s on I-539 and I-765?
How do I explain to my employer about adding right A number on I-539, is my confusion.(Sorry for multiple Q’s)

I don’t understand why your employer has used H1B’s A number on H4 application form. Which question number is it on form i539?

This is Q2 on Page 1 of I-539 form.

Employer stated that A number is permanent number assigned to H1b for immigration petition. Since H4 is dependent this number covers both(H4 do not have standalone A number) and hence H1’s A number is entered on i539 form.

As far as EAD form is concerned, I am going to leave it blank(Pg2 Q8). Sample Renewal EAD form also mentions the same.

Does this seems right?

I do not agree. H4 will get their own A number when their H4 EAD is approved.

There are different types of A numbers: What is an ‘A-Number?’ | Berardi Immigration Law

I guess the A # on EAD card is subjected to change after renewal/new card issued and is related to employment only. A number on i140 petition stays with petitioner through life.

I140 petition is H1B and not H4.

Replying to close the loop.
Anil your stand was right. My case was later forwarded to attorney who agreed that H4 should have H4 details.
Thank you for the big help I was able to submit petition on time.

Suggestion: I think you should change the response in sample form to Q8 of I765 for EAD renewal.

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