Adding H1B to VISA dropbox application for H4 on CGI federal

Hi everyone! I’m on H4 and my husband is on h1B. We both are trying to book a Dropbox stamping appointment. Is it okay to add a H1B holder as an additional family member while booking a new appointment from my cgifederal account? We already paid visa stamping fee for myself and if we add my husband to my cgifederal account, we will have to pay my husband’s fee and get one collective appointment for both.

  1. Is it okay to book one appointment for both h1 and h4 holders?
  2. Is it a problem if I add my husband to my account as an additional family member (even though he is primary H1b and I’m the dependent on h4)?

Hi, I have the same question. Could you please let me know if you got any answer for this?


Hi, we’re you able to book appointments together? Pls let me know! Thank you!