Adding spouse name during renewal


I am planning for renewal of passport and this time I am adding my spouse name to my passport. my name has been already added to my spouse passport. my question is, should I choose the option "CHANGE IN EXISTING PERSONAL PARTICULARS -SPOUSE NAME " or I can simply add my spouse name without choosing this option?

Yes, choose that option as well (other than the ones you might be choosing; e.g. change in particulars, etc.). Remember to send a self attested copy of your spouse’s passport with your name on it.

Thank you @Diwedy follow on question, If i send self attested copy of my spouse’s passport with my name on it, is it required to also send Marriage Certificate or it is optional? Thank you in advance!

I would send it. One extra page won’t hurt.

Hi @anil_am22
I recently applied for the renewal of my passport and my application was denied as I didn’t select CHANGE IN EXISTING PERSONAL PARTICULARS -SPOUSE NAME while applying. I am reapplying and I am told to attach the Change of Appearance form (Notarized). This doesn’t make sense as this form only concerns you if your appearance was changed and/or signature was changed. I am not sure if this also considers that you got married and would like to add your spouse name. Did you send any such form while applying? If yes, did you just say on the form that your appearance has changed?
@Diwedy also tagging you for your valuable input
please help! thank you in advance!

You can select both or multiple options, I think. If you are renewing after a few years, there will be natural change in one’s appearance.